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FLEURS DE FAMILLE is an florist art in Périgueux since 1874.
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We carry exclusive designs with elegance and good taste. Our service is highly personalized.
Decoration modern style, classical or romantic for every moment of life.
Events birth, marriage, declaration of love and friendship, and thank their last respects.

We deliver to the address of your choice, even on Sunday, along with your message.
1874 Birth of BONVOISIN FLEURS Family cultivating and selling flowers and plants in Périgueux. The great-grandfather Victor is already in love to send flowers to his descendants learned this philosophy from flowers and plants. Patience, discipline, understanding, humility, tenderness.
Like any craftsman, designing bouquets, colors and textures, will the reputation of quality and service we consistently provide. His wife will be traveling with his cariole and flowers in baskets.
Pierre, in 1903, greenhouses expand Perigueux grow other flowers and plants. Alice opens a sedentary shop near the greenhouses.
Hubert, in 1930, will focus on new market opportunities, develop stores with Christiane and open the garden centers and flowers shops
30 glorious will be there to encourage and democratize flowers and plants for all circumstances.
Flowers usually bring joy, smiles and friendship among people. This transfer of colors, odors, light make numerous honors and accolades. What more natural and alive as flowers to convey a message.
1960 Philippe was born and spent his studies in commerce to assist the family. After multiple formations florists, contests and awards, just the time of the creation of a shop in the center of the city MAIRIE FLEURS.
Interflora will be represented by this store that will continue to innovate and develop new technologies and services.
Much of the store will be attributed to interior decoration, vases, containers, textiles, various materials that accompany the flowers and plants. But bureaucracy and administrative take precedence over creativity, serenity flowers, the service measures and human contact.
2013 FLEURS DE FAMILLE back to basics with a reconciliation to the basics: flowers and delicate service and contact, and technical simplicity, style and humility, tenderness and charm.
FLEURS DE FAMILLE Bonvoisin dedicated 70% weddings, 60 complete weddings (the bride's bouquet to the meal) per year, our reputation and our pride. Availability discretion and we speak English and Spanish.
FLEURS DE FAMILLE offers its services to businesses, communities, businesses for their home, office, indoor vegetation, and individuals.

On appointment, we will welcome you in our workshop showroom Saint Silain in Périgueux. Post your request in the contact section on fleursdefamille.com

Happy to forward your messages through flowers, we hope that our story FLEURS DE FAMILLE has convinced you of the quality of our work and our outreach.

Fleurs de Famille Master Artisan Florist

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  • Who we are - Fleuriste perigueux  fleurs de famille
  • Who we are - Fleuriste perigueux  fleurs de famille
  • Who we are - Fleuriste perigueux  fleurs de famille
  • Who we are - Fleuriste perigueux  fleurs de famille
  • Who we are - Fleuriste perigueux  fleurs de famille
  • Who we are - Fleuriste perigueux  fleurs de famille

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